Over the past year we have been carefully watching our rosette customers buying habits and trends.
With many Dog Club & Horse Show organisers keeping a tight eye on budget as well as shopping around, we’ve be there to help.
Although large rosette orders are great it’s the small orders that keep you going out of season!
Enter Frost’s new lower price break system, simply order 10 rosettes or more….Yes just 10 and we will give you between 7-10 % off the cost of your rosettes.
If however your next rosette order is larger, you can save even more with price breaks at 10, 50, 200, 500 & 1000, giving you even more discount with the more you buy.
Each rosette’s price break is displayed at the bottom of its online order form.
Don’t forget to also check out our special offers, these pages are jam packed with deals and bundles to help your show run smoothly.
2013 Rosette Pricelist
Rosette Price list 2013