We are please to offer our brand new RM1 “Mini Star” rosettes especially made for nurseries and primary schools.

These great little rosettes are perfect for children of all ages and can be personalised with the school or nurseries name and achievement for which they are being present.

Supplied in a range of assorted mixed colours many children will have their own colour combination making them even more special. Each rosette has a safety pin fitting for attaching on the reverse and comes with a 35mm centre disc that can be personalised, the rosette its self measures 65mm wide and comes with 2 x 1″ wide ribbon tails 60mm long.

Whenever we supply these rosettes we always receive very positive feedback back from parents, teachers and headteachers that the children loved them. Headteachers are also very surprised that they are able to give every pupil a personalised award at the end of the year for just a few pence!

The New RM1 “Mini Star” rosettes for schools are now available from our online store and with a minimum order of just 10 rosettes they are ideal for attendance, lunchtime awards, star pupil of the month, special helper of the day, playground buddies and many many more titles to help our youngsters become more self motivated and good citizens in the ever changing world.